Welcome to the TPpred 2.0 prediction server

TPpred 2.0 is a web server for MITOCHONDRIAL targeting peptides prediction in proteins. TPpred 2.0 is optimized for the prediction of cleavage sites of mitochondrial targeting peptides. Please, be aware that submitting plastidic plant proteins may lead to an erroneous prediction of the cleavage site.

For details see:

Have a look at TPpred3, the new version also supporting Chloroplastic targeting signals

Submit a sequence

To start using TPpred 2.0 you simply need to paste a FASTA sequence in the text area below and press the "Start prediciton" button. The server accepts a single FASTA sequence, at least 30 residue long.

Fill with a test sequence

Retrieve your job results

Prediction results of previously executed jobs are available for a month and can be retrieved by the user. Please, paste the job id you received at submission time (e.g. 49c2807e-a1d3-41a1-a3fa-0337fb2003c0) in the field below and press "Search job" to retrieve the results.